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Who would have thought

Here I am, looking at LJ for the first time in years and years.

Still here. Still trying to keep my life going one small step at a time.

Changes in the last 13 years include getting a BA(Hons) in Photography, but still working in accounts.
Looking after my 90 year old mum
Still trying to find the answers to Life, the Universe and Everything.
Who know if i will ever find them.
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Quill feather - from artwork by Naadi

Fran's Global Cutures Project

Will you take a photograph for me?

Can you help me with one of my projects at University this year? The unit examines photography in the global and post/neo-colonial era and I would like to look at the culture that has sprung up over the WWW and how like a web we are all linked together no matter where in the world we live and work.

I would like you to take a photograph from your front door looking out at your community. If your door opens onto a corridor then perhaps a photograph out of a window. If you have no window then please take that photograph out on your street. Or if you prefer take it from your work place or school. It can be taken at any time of the day you'd like.

How you take that photograph is up to you, just try and make it a reasonable size.

Once you've taken the photograph then turn your camera on yourself and take your own image, or ask someone else to take it for you if you prefer. This part isn't necessary if you don't want to show yourself.

The photographs can be sent to


Or you can post them here. I have screened all comments and will delete the posts with photographs as soon as I've downloaded them.

Please would you post a comment here to say that you've sent them. I've had some problems with the email and I'd hate to miss any of your kind contributions.

Please include your first name, where the photo was taken (this can be anything from a city name to just a country name) and what time it was taken. You can add a little about how you use the WWW or about yourself if you wish.

Please pass this link onto your friends and your friend's friends. The more the merrier

And finally ... for now at least ....

I know people are very protective about their online identities and what they are willing to share with people online. Not everyone wants people to know where they live or what it looks like in their location.

So I just wanted to reassure you that this project is only for my university course. It will only be shared with tutors and those in my class. I have NO intention of putting it online or sharing photographs sent with anyone else.

I've asked for a location but this can be very general, such as a city name or even a state or county name. I've also asked for a photo of you, but once again, if you prefer not to then please ignore this.

Once again, thanks for taking part.

If I fall asleep before midnight you can still kiss me.

I saw this and had to write a little drabble. Happy New Year to you all

"Where's Draco?"

Harry gave a sigh. "He's still not feeling well, nothing serious, just a case of man-flu. I told him I'd stay in with him, but he insisted I come here. Something about it being a tradition."

Hermione smiled. "Well it is. But I'm sorry he's not here ... he promised me a tango."

"And he didn't forget." Harry held out his arms wide. "I'm supposed to be his substitute."

The smile on Hermione's face grew. "Thank you, but I would like my feet to remain intact until 2012, Harry."

2011 - 2012 -2011 - 2012

The bedroom was in darkness save for a single flickering candle.

Harry turned from the window where he'd been watching the fireworks on the village green. Draco had finally dropped off to sleep about half an hour before thanks to the potion Harry had made earlier. Maybe it was more then just man-flu.

He crossed to the bed and careful not to disturb the sleeping man, climbed under the covers. Draco's forehead was still hot but at least it wasn't clammy any longer which had to be a good thing.

He kissed Draco on the corner of his mouth. "Happy New Year, sweet."

Outside the bells of the Godric's Hollow church began to chime in the New Year.


The fourth hd_fanart artfest has started posting and they've started with something just beautiful.

On the community profile are the words "Harry/Draco fanart - where our favourite boys come to life" and I think that just about sums up this post *grins*

Happy Autumnal Equinox

The nights have been drawing in for some time now and this morning we reached the moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator and moves southward. It means we're moving into autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere while those of you in the sothern hemisphere are looking forward to spring and summer.

It's one of my favourite times of year and today seemed like a good day to update on how Resolution 12 is going.

Well, it's going well and currently stands at 15,000 words. *grins*

To be honest I never thought I'd get this far and to have enjoyed writing again so much as I have. There is still a way to go ... I think this is about two-thirds ... and then there will be lots of rewriting because what I have needs work. So, as yet, I've no idea when it will be ready to publish. But I can say it's much closer than a month ago *more grins*

To keep you going I thought I might link you to two old stories that fit in with this time of year:

Autumn Snaps - this isn’t a “Resolution” futurefic. If anything it is more likely a future “Coming of Age” story. It is (obviously) H/D and most assuredly fluff ... NC-17 fluff, but fluff nevertheless, so be warned *g*. Written 2nd October 2003.

son_of_herne reminded me of this story. While this story doesn't actually take place in the autumn, it is the "autumn" of Harry's and Draco's lives together.
On Golden Broomsticks - now this IS a "Resolution" futurefic ... probably the most future fic I've ever written in this universe. Harry and Draco are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Written in July 2006.

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Quill feather - from artwork by Naadi

It's time for a little update

I know it's been a long time coming and I hadn't planned really telling anyone until it was finished, but I've started writing again. It's still difficult to get the old brain cells and muse working again but I've got 2000 words of Res12 written! I have no idea how long it will take to complete, but at least I'm sitting at my keyboard again and it feels good to get lost in the Res!World again.

But the real reason for this post is to share a piece of art that leochi has painted for me of my beautiful boys.

What I love so much about this picture is the fact Harry doesn't have his glasses on. It's so rare for people to leave the glasses off and, of course, that means that Draco can see those beautiful green eyes and black lashes.

*off to write a bit more*

Thanks for sticking with me for so long *hugs*
Quill feather - from artwork by Naadi

Fiction Master List

Please note that I have had to close my website worlds-colliding where some of the stories listed below were hosted. This means many of the links won't work. I'm hoping to correct this by uploading the stories elsewhere or make them available in the form of pdfs but I have no idea how long this will take. Sorry.
-- Frances 1st June 2014.

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Fran's Archive: Ghost!Draco sex

I've written some strange stuff in my time, including Animagus!Spider!Draco, but this is probably the most bizarre. It was written in June 2003 just before the publication of "Order of the Phoenix" after a discussion with milenalupin. She made the following comment to:

If nothing else, we can always write Ghost!Draco slash. *sniggers*

Warning: This story contains dead people. It is also very strange.

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